Writing Center

Client Sessions

Although the tutors are not there to "correct" your paper--see Editing Policy below--they will help you become decreasingly dependent on them by guiding you through the paper, project or presentation. A session with a tutor will be beneficial if you have any of the following concerns or needs:

  • Generating ideas or topics
  • Prewriting
  • Drafting
  • Revising
  • Editing
  • Integrating sources
  • Creating a bibliography (with and without annotations)
  • Illustrating a particular documentation style

IU Kokomo's Editing Policy:

  1. Readers should not "correct" a paper by proofreading for errors in spelling, sentence structure or usage.
  2. Readers might suggest that a general problem exists: "I noticed quite a few comma splices in that first section." They may explain the nature of the problem using an example from the paper. The student would be responsible for reviewing the paper for other similar instances. Alternatively, readers might place check marks in the margins by lines with errors in order to alert the student to problems.
  3. The student should always be present at the editing session.
  4. The reader should use questions to help clarify the reader's ideas, but should not suggest or add original content. The paper should be the student's work.