Free Mental Health and Wellness Apps

Stress Relief and Sleep Aid

• Relax Melodies (Apple and Android)
• Nature Sounds Relax and Sleep (Android)
• Calming Music to Simplicity (Android)
• Sleep Time – Alarm Clock (Apple and Android)
• Relaxing Sounds of Nature Lite (Apple)

Guided Meditation

• Anxiety Free (Apple)
• Take a Break! Guided Meditations for Stress Relief (Apple and Android)
• Stop, Breathe, and Think (Apple and Android)
• Relax and Sleep Well with Glenn Harold (Apple and Android)
• (Computer, Apple & Andriod)
• HeadSpace (Android, Apple, Computer)

Stress Reduction

• Healthy Minds (Apple and Android)
• Qi Gong Meditation Relaxation (Android)—Relaxation Videos
• Breathe2Relax (Apple and Android)—Guided Breathing Exercises
• MindShift (Apple and Android)—Anxiety and Stress Reduction
• BellyBio Interactive Breathing (Apple) –Biofeedback with relaxing music
• I Can Be Fearless by Human Progress (Apple)

Mental Health Trackers

• Optimism (Apple)
• MyPsych (Apple) –Helps track mental health patterns
• PTSD Coach (Apple and Android)—Military App aimed at managing PTSD symptoms
• Operation Reach Out (Apple and Android)— Crisis and Suicide Prevention
• Positive Activity Jackpot (Android)—Depression and stress reduction
• Safety Net
• Previdence (Apple)—General Mental Health Check-Up
• T2 Mood Tracker (Apple and Android)—Tracks several mental health symptoms
• Worry Box – Anxiety Self-Help (Android)
• Stop Panic & Anxiety Help (Android)
• Self-Help for Anxiety Management (SAM) (Apple and Android)
• Anti-Anxiety APP (Apple and Android)
• Virtual Hope Box