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At Indiana University Kokomo, the Bachelor of Arts (B.A.) degree program in Biology centers on a traditional core that includes cell biology, genetics, physiology, morphology, physiology, molecular biology, microbiology, and immunology. Additional courses in general chemistry, organic chemistry, physics, and mathematics round out the basic program. But good scientists also need to be exposed to other fields of knowledge—to the arts, the social sciences, and humanities. That's why our biology curriculum also includes course requirements in subject areas such as history, English, sociology, psychology, foreign languages, mathematics, and information sciences. To graduate, you'll need a minimum of 120 credit hours, which includes a mix of required biology courses, general education courses, and electives.

If you're planning to enter graduate school or a professional school after earning a bachelor's degree, you'll want to inquire about IU Kokomo's pre-professional tracks in biology, pre-medicine, and pre-dentistry. Graduates who have followed these tracks have been accepted into advanced programs in medical, dental, optometry, and chiropractic schools throughout the country. Biology is a great path to a professional career in medicine and IU Kokomo will help you get there! If you're interested in becoming a science educator, IU Kokomo offers a program that enables you to earn a biology degree and become certified to teach biology at the secondary school level.

A biology degree will also help you find a fullfilling career in the biomedical world. You can work in research labs, for pharmaceutical companies, or as field biologists.  A biologist is a scientist devoted to the study of organisms. Biologists study organisms and their relationship to their environment.  Biologists use a variety of techniques and concepts to study living things. Biologists involved in basic research attempt to discover how organisms work.  Biologists involved in applied research attempt to develop or improve medical, industrial or agricultural processes.

In addition to the extensive laboratory and classroom experiences offered through the biology program, research opportunities are also available through IU Kokomo’s Undergraduate Research Summer Institute (URSI) and through independent study courses.  Our biology faculty are very active researchers and they closely work with undergraduates in their research programs.

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