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Indiana Resident Borrower's Cards

Indiana Resident Card Application Policy

Any Indiana resident 18 years of age or older may apply for an Indiana Resident (INRE) Borrower's card.

Any Indiana resident 16-17 years of age may apply for an INRE card with the approval and presence of the minor's parent/guardian.

Below are the steps to obtaining a card.

  1. An INRE card application must be filled out completely.
  2. A photo ID and proof of Indiana residency must be presented at the Circulation desk.

    Photo IDs that are also proof of Indiana residency:
    • Indiana Driver's License
    • Indiana BMV-issued ID card

    Other acceptable forms of photo ID are:
    (These forms of photo ID must be paired with proof of Indiana residency.)
    • U.S. Military ID
    • Passport
    • School ID

    Acceptable forms of proof of residency include, but are not limited to:
    (Minors do not need to show proof of residency, but the parent/guardian must.)
    • Computer-generated bill issued by a utility company, credit card company, doctor, or hospital showing borrower's name and address of residence; must be dated within 60 days of the date of application.
    • Current homeowner, renter, or motor vehicle insurance policy showing borrower's name and address of residence; must be dated within one year of the application date.
    • Change-of-address confirmation from the United States Postal Service showing borrower's prior and current address.
  3. Circulation staff will confirm completion of the application and verify photo ID and proof of residency.
  4. Circulation staff will inform borrower of loan periods, procedures for renewing and returning materials, and fine policies.

Last Updated: 2 April 2019

Last updated: 04/02/2019