Transfer Credit Process

International Student Transfer Credit Evaluation Process

IU Kokomo provides in-house credit evaluation for international transcripts.  This is a very time consuming process.  Admitted students should allow at least 30 days for our academic advisors to process each transcript.  The credits evaluated in this form will only be applied to IU Kokomo courses.


1.     Admitted students must submit copies of foreign transcripts, courses description, and syllabus translated to English to

2.     OISS will forward the document to the appropriate academic advisor.

3.     Academic advisors will evaluate the document provided by the students.

4.     For courses that IU Kokomo is unfamiliar with, the approval of a Dean/Faculty from the appropriate academic school will be required.

Criteria of transferable credits:

1.     Only transcripts from accredited universities can be used for evaluation.

2.     IU Kokomo cannot guarantee that all courses are transferable.

3.     Only courses with a grade of “C” or better are transferable.

4.     Some academic departments have stricter guideline for transferable courses.

5.     If IU Kokomo does not offer an equivalent course, the course will be transferred as “UNDI” (Undistributed). These credits maybe counted toward total credits for completion of a degree similar to elective credits.  Each academic department will determine how many UNDI credits can be used for its degree.

6.     Only English credits from a country with English as an official language will be evaluated for transfer credits (Please see CIA World Factbook). Even so, these credits may not be considered as equivalent to IU Kokomo English courses, and maybe transfer as “UNDI”

7.     Similarly, ESOL credits are not transferable.

For Academic Advisor: International Student Transfer Credit Evaluation Form.