National Survey of Student Engagement

What is NSSE?

Research shows that students who are engaged learn more, move further along in their development, and are more likely to persist to complete their degree. The National Survey of Student Engagement (NSSE) is an annual survey of freshmen and seniors at colleges and universities across the country designed to help gauge how much students are doing and the kinds of things that make a real difference in their academic and personal development.

Why does IU Kokomo participate?

IU Kokomo is dedicated to developing a campus that inspires students to become more engaged in their education, more committed to their communities, and ultimately more successful in their careers; participation in NSSE helps achieve that goal. With more than 600 colleges and universities participating in NSSE, we can compare our students’ responses to those of students from across the country.

What do our 2006 results tell us about the Learning Environment at IU Kokomo?

Results from the IU Kokomo NSSE 2006 survey shows that students on campus feel nurtured and supported by our faculty and other students.  Over 87% of seniors and almost 75% of freshmen report that their relationship with other students is friendly and supportive, and when asked to rate the faculty, we find that over 87% of seniors and close to 75% of the freshmen say they are readily available, helpful, supportive, and sympathetic.

When you further explore our 2006 results, you find that students who attend IU Kokomo believe that their experience at our institution will contribute to their overall success in the workplace.  Over 84% of seniors and around 75% of freshmen state that they have acquired a broad general education with three-fourths of seniors and over half of freshmen agreeing that they acquired direct job and work-related knowledge and skills while at our institution. Additionally, over 80% of seniors and freshmen also concur that IU Kokomo has contributed to their academic success, knowledge, and skills by providing them with the ability to write and speak more clearly and effectively. What’s more, most students also believe that they have gained the ability to work more effectively with others in a team environment.

Two additional areas that we believe better prepare our students to succeed academically and in the workforce are: analysis and critical thinking. Our 2006 results show that the majority of our students believe that their experience at IU Kokomo has expanded and improved both of those skill sets.  Similarly, we find that seniors and freshmen strongly agreed that exams taken during the current school year challenged them to their best work.

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