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Minor in Sociology

Effective August 2012

Effective fall 2012, all students electing to take a minor sociology will be required to complete 18 credit hours including the following courses: 

  1. SOC-S100 Introductory Sociology or SOC-S101 Social Problems and policies (3 cr.)
  2. SOC-S252 Methods of Sociological Research (3 cr.)
  3. And four other upper level sociology (300 level or above) courses from any of those offered by the sociology program (12 credit hours) totalling 18 credit hours for the minor.

This will apply to students in either a B.A. or a B.S. program. 

*Sociology faculty members have met and made the above changes to the minor in sociology as well as make a recommendation for all majors and minors regarding when students take SOC-S252 Methods of Sociological Research. This document was approved by the Sociology, History, & Political Science Department on March 2, 2012. And it was sent to Educational Politics Committee in March 2012 as an information item only in accordance with IU Kokomo policies. 

For More Information

Please contact us for more information about programs available from the Department of Sociology, History, & Political Science.

Last updated: 06/09/2015