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Program Assessment

Assessment and assurance of student learning is a priority for the School of Business. The School established a set of program goals and outcomes and collects assessment data to measure student achievement of these outcomes. We are proud to have 100-percent participation of resident faculty in course-embedded assessment. In addition to course-embedded assessment, we employ the ETS Major Field Tests to get an external measure of student performance.

Assessment Highlights

  • Mission, Program Goals and Learning Outcomes are established and reviewed
  • Course-embedded assessment data is collected every academic year
  • 100 percent of resident faculty participate in assessment
  • External standardized testing is performed with the ETS Major Field Test for Business and the Major Field Test for M.B.A.
  • Curriculum Management and Assurance of Learning Committee oversees all assessment activities
  • Assessment results reviewed by all faculty in regular faculty meetings
  • Other activities include periodic surveys of students and graduates

Assessment Reports

The results of assessment are presented in the yearly Assessment Reports.

Assessment Plans

Assessment Plans describe the program goals and outcomes and specify the assessment activities for each academic year.


Last updated: 09/27/2018