Frequently Asked Questions

How will I be notified about my bill?
Students will receive an e-mail notification at their university-assigned e-mail account when their online bill is ready. Registered students will not receive paper bills by mail.
What are my payment options at IU Kokomo
IU Kokomo is committed to providing students and their families a range of options for paying their educational expenses including e-check, check, cash, GlobalPAY and credit card. IU Kokomo also offers Student Account multiple installment Deferment Plans for all terms—Fall, Spring, and Summer.
How do I make an e-check?
E-check payment option is available by going to Once you log in, in the search bar you type "View/Pay Bursar Bill" this will bring up your current statement. From there you can choose your method of payment and submit your payment.
What is the deferment plan?
  • Students who register prior to the first billing of a semester may qualify for our 4-Pay Deferment Plan. The minimum payment amount will include 100% of any prior term or past due charges, 100% of any optional selections (Cougar Card, Fitness Center Fee, etc.) and approximately 25% of any currently unpaid credit hour, course-related and mandatory fee charges. The minimum payment will be calculated and clearly indicated on the first bill of each term.  A service charge of $15.00* will be included in each payment and reflected on the student’s next bill.  Denial of the payment plan option may occur if payments are received after the payment due date (the 10th of the next month following billing).
  • The second payment will be due as billed, on the second statement of each term. The balance on the account could then be paid in full or may be paid in three additional payments. Again, the minimum payment will be listed on the statement and a $15.00* service charge will be added to the student’s next bill. 
  • The third payment will be due as billed, on the third statement of a term. The third payment may be paid in full or may be paid in two additional payments. Again, the minimum payment will be listed on the statement and a $15.00* service charge will be added to your next bill.
  • The fourth payment will be due as billed, on the fourth statement of the term.  

Note:  service charge amount is subject to change. 

A payment received that is equal or greater than the required minimum payment, and less than the total amount due will be processed as a payment on the payment plan. In this case, the service charge will be applied to the account.

Financial aid credits, fee remissions, sponsor authorizations, etc., are already taken into consideration when determining the minimum payments.

I have to prove to my employer that I paid my fees. How can I get a receipt?
Search for "View/Pay Bursar Bill" in Select "print payment receipt".  If your employer needs a more detailed description of fees paid, please stop in the Bursar Office so we can provide the information.
I have an encumbrance on my account. What does that mean?
It means you could have overdue fees which will stop future registrations, deny requests for transcripts and other university services.  Contact the Office of the Bursar, in person, to discuss your financial situation. This cannot be discussed over the phone.
Why didn't my Financial Aid pay for my parking permit?
Federal Aid (i.e. Pell Grant, Perkins Loan, Stafford and Parent PLUS loans) can only be used for educational expenses per Federal Regulations. If you would like these funds used to pay for non-educational expenses in future semesters (i.e. parking permit), you should complete the Title IV.  Once authorized, the waiver is active as long as you are enrolled at IU Kokomo.
How do I get a 1098T to report educational expenses for tax purposes?

Any student who pays for their tuition and fees by any other means than Loans, Grants or Vouchers, should receive a 1098-T.  This form can be received electronically for your convenience.  For further questions you may contact the University Tax Office (Bloomington) 812-855-0375 OR via e-mail at

When I see "Anticipated Aid" on my bill, what does that mean?

"Anticipated Aid" means that your financial aid is being used to reduce the total due on your bill. Federal law prevents universities from awarding live federal aid to accounts any earlier than 10 days prior to the start of the student's classes. Aid will be disbursed to the student account before refunds are issued.

Is there a way to receive my Financial Aid refund or any other refund I may be expecting quicker?
Students may sign up for Direct Deposit by following the instructions to input their banking information. Any expected refund will automatically be deposited to the checking or savings account designated. Prepaid accounts (Ex. GreenDot, Visa, Master Card, Chase, American Express, Netspend, Vanilla, etc.)  cannot be used although many times they have routing and account numbers.  This will continue each term until the student cancels their Direct Deposit. Students will receive refunds in 3-5 business days compared to 7-10 days for paper check refunds.
How do I find out about my refund or any balance I might owe?
To check the status of your refund or a balance due, go to View Account/Pay Bursar Bill in One®. You may also contact the Office of the Bursar in person if you present proper identification. Financial information cannot be given out over the phone.
What do I do if my refund check has been lost or stolen?
You may go here to request a stop payment on your refund check. This request cannot be processed prior to 21 days after the date of refund on your student account. There is a $25 replacement check charge unless you sign up for direct deposit prior to making the request.
Why can't I find out my account information over the phone?
Due to student rights under FERPA (Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act), student financial records are confidential. Such information can only be discussed with students when they contact our office, in person, with proper identification.
I am the parent. I pay the bills. Why won't you give me financial information on my son/daughter?
Again, due to FERPA policies, such information cannot be given to parents unless authorized by the student. Students can give parents 3rd Party Access so both the student and the parent receive an e-bill. When a student gives a parent 3rd Party Access, the parent will be given their own access to the student's account to see certain things such as bills.
I don't see Financial Aid or Anticipated Aid listed on my Bursar Account (i.e. scholarships, student loans, Parent PLUS loans, grants, etc.). Why not?
If you do not see these expected items, contact the Office of Scholarships and Financial Aid.
I thought I selected parking when I registered but it does not show on my Bursar Account. What happened?
To successfully select the optional parking permit, TWO steps must be completed on the selection page when your initial registration takes place. Missing one step will not complete the selection process. You may still receive a permit by contacting parking services. The charge is the same either way.
Why am I receiving a bill if I didn't attend a class?
You will receive a bill for all classes if you do not drop your classes. Nonattendance does not drop you from any class. Please refer to the Registration Agreement. This was agreed upon before registration could be done. In the event you drop a class after the semester has started please contact Financial Aid if you receive any type of aid and also please refer to the Refunds section of our main bursar page.