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KEY: The Kokomo Experience and You

Congratulations, Class of 2020. You have an extraordinary opportunity ahead of you. You are the first class in the history of IU Kokomo to be part of a new program called the KEY, which stands for the Kokomo Experience and You. Our goal is simple: the best four years of your life (so far). We want you to look back in 2020 and say, “Wow, that was incredible!”


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Study Abroad

Students connect business, history, and culture during a trip to Poland.

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The KEY is all about you—specifically, your success in college and beyond. All of the people on this campus—from your teachers to the people who shape the campus environment—are here for you.


The KEY is all about opportunities to connect with people and engage in authentic experiences, the kind you will encounter in your career and life beyond college. Depending on your major, you may create logos or videos for nonprofit groups, conduct research in a lab, craft business plans or plan events for clients, or design projects of your own. These opportunities start during your first year in programs such as our Freshman Learning Communities. Get ready to do things and make a difference.

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Experiential Learning

The Sophomore Sojourn offers pivotal IU Kokomo experience.

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The KEY starts now. This year, you will begin connecting with your classmates, teachers, staff members, and the community—people who want to see you succeed and can help you achieve your goals. Each of the next three years, you will have more opportunities to connect while experiencing authentic learning in a variety of forms.


The world is our classroom. Depending on your major, the KEY may take you to the zoo to study animal behavior, the Field Museum in Chicago to study fossils, conferences where you can present your own research, retreat centers where you can immerse yourself in your art or writing, even other countries to study business practices, history, art, language, nursing practices, or other subjects.


Students and faculty share their research with the campus.

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Employers and experts agree that connections and authentic experiences are the best ways to learn. They make for rich learning experiences, they lead to graduation, and they prepare people to thrive in their careers and their personal lives. Besides, learning the KEY way is exhilarating and fun.


The KEY activities you experience each year will guide you toward five outcomes that will make you successful in your career and in life. You will learn to apply your knowledge and skills, integrate facts and ideas from various disciplines, collaborate with classmates and professionals, take initiative to create solutions, and develop a mindset for lifelong learning and success.

Professional Development

Students score jobs and recognition at a national conference.

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Last updated: 04/27/2017